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At K-Fluid, we pride ourselves on delivering products that consistently meet the highest standards, thanks to our rigorous systemic quality management system. With our expertise in fluid products and solutions, we offer comprehensive design, manufacturing, and service capabilities.

Our core value is being "customer-centric." We prioritize understanding and fulfilling the unique demands of our customers. Through continuous innovation, we have established a renowned brand that spans various industries and fields.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment: Our cutting-edge solutions for swimming pool water treatment ensure pristine water quality, creating a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for pool visitors. Textile Research: We cater to the specialized needs of the textile industry, providing innovative fluid products and solutions that support textile research processes with precision and efficiency. Industrial Process Cooling: Our expertise extends to industrial process cooling, where we offer reliable and effective cooling solutions tailored to specific industrial requirements. From temperature control to efficient heat dissipation, our products optimize industrial processes.

Marine Research: We are trusted partners in the field of marine research, offering comprehensive fluid solutions that enable precise control of water parameters for scientific investigations. Our solutions ensure the well-being of marine ecosystems and support vital research efforts. Aquarium Life Support System Design: With our deep understanding of aquarium systems, we excel in designing life support systems that provide optimal conditions for aquatic organisms. Our solutions ensure a thriving and sustainable environment for various aquariums and aquatic habitats. Through our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, our brand has gained widespread recognition across diverse industries. At K-Fluid, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional fluid products and solutions that meet your specific needs.

We dedicate ourselves in the field of fluid solutions, high precision temperature control systems, and water treatment technologies.

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Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Jari Aquarium Systems

Themed Attraction Builder


Textile Research Institute

The University of HK

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Recent Projects


Retrofitted a proprietary regenerative media filtration system at a public swimming Pool in Hong Kong.


Customized marine research facilities at the University of Hong Kong.


Provided tailor-made algae hatching experimental setup for a reseach institution in textile industry.


Acted as a project consultant to manage & design a custom process cooling system for a MRI manufacutrer.

Searching for reliable water treatment technologies to build a swimming pool, a water park or an aquarium?

We are your competent partner to design, supply and commission complete water treatment systems with state-of-the-art technologies, such as SPA systems, UV Systems, Special Pools, UFF Jet Wash Filters and much more.