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Look no further! At K-FLUID, we specialize in delivering exceptional services tailored to your specific requirements. With our extensive experience in the water treatment industry, we offer complete design, supply, and commissioning solutions for swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, and even marine research institutions.

We listen, learn and cherish our customers' special requirements and satisfy them with our excellent products.

  • UFF Jet Wash Filtration System: Experience the game-changing technology designed specifically for swimming pools and water parks. Our UFF Jet Wash Filtration System ensures crystal-clear water, providing a delightful swimming experience for your visitors.
  • Custom Laboratory Systems: Research institutions have unique requirements for water treatment. Our custom laboratory systems offer precise control over water parameters, enabling scientific investigations with utmost accuracy.
  • High Precision Temperature Control Projects: In industrial applications where temperature control is crucial, our high precision temperature control projects deliver reliability and efficiency. Our tailored solutions optimize processes and ensure consistent performance.
  • Cloud Data Integration for Water Parameters Monitoring and Control: Take advantage of our advanced cloud data integration technology. Monitor water parameters in real-time, maintaining better water quality and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Engage. Enjoy. Innovate.: the water and aquatic environment often unites all disciplines.

The water and aquatic environment unite all disciplines, and we are here to make it possible. With our custom-designed laboratory systems, cutting-edge filtration technology, and high precision temperature control projects, we ensure optimal conditions for your aquatic endeavors. As the authority in water quality solutions, we understand the challenges faced by swimming pool and water park operators. Our wide range of solutions is designed to simplify your job and keep water clean, clear, and healthy. We help you maintain proper water balance, providing peace of mind while you focus on your passion. Trust K-FLUID to be your competent partner in water parks, swimming pools, and aquariums. Contact us today to discover how our innovative water treatment solutions can enhance your aquatic projects.

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Searching for reliable water treatment technologies to build a swimming pool, a water park or an aquarium?

We are your competent partner to design, supply and commission complete water treatment systems with state-of-the-art technologies, such as SPA systems, UV Systems, Special Pools, UFF Jet Wash Filters and much more.